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Hip pain can range from minor and irritating to severe and debilitating. If you are experiencing the latter, you may have already tried medications or seen one or more specialists. If you’ve exhausted these options and are still unable to find relief, you may be experiencing hip pain that is caused by structural or mechanical problems that pain-masking medications fail to address.

Chronic hip pain What causes hip pain?

Chronic hip pain is often the result of structural or mechanical problems associated with adhesions. Think of adhesions as internal scars. They consist of tiny glue-like bonds that form in the support structures of the pelvis, back and hips after a surgery, fall, accident or other type of trauma. They may also develop as part of the body’s natural response to repetitive movements or overuse of the hip. Adhesions can pull the structures of the hips out of proper alignment, causing pain.  When this happens, adjacent structures may also be affected, undergoing increased stress and having to work harder to compensate.

How does the Wurn Technique treat hip pain?

Reducing structural and mechanical issues is the focus of the Wurn Technique. When treating patients with chronic hip pain, our therapists focus on decreasing adhesions that affect the support structures of the pelvis and the rest of the body. As they palpate the body, mobility returns and pain decreases. As symptoms begin to subside, the therapists work on realigning your low back, sacrum and hips with your legs and your trunk for maximum balance, symmetry and function.

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