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Having no explanation as to why you are not able to get pregnant can be a source of frustration, stress or hopelessness. Approximately one in five couples will experience unexplained infertility despite completing a full infertility work-up, according to Resolve.org.

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What is unexplained infertility?

The term unexplained infertility typically refers to cases in which all tests are normal and there is no apparent cause for infertility. Sometimes, minor abnormalities may be detected by the tests but they are not considered severe enough to cause infertility.

UWhat is unexplained infertility?nexplained infertility is not the same as secondary infertility, which is the inability to conceive or carry a child to full-term after the birth of a biological child.

How is unexplained infertility treated?

The treatment options most often recommended for women with unexplained infertility are intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). These methods yield results for some women but not others.

Our experience has shown that unexplained infertility is almost always the result of adhesions — internal scar tissue that can impact the function of reproductive organs. They form in the body as part of the healing process after a surgery, trauma, infection or inflammation. We decrease adhesions using a protocol of over 200 manual therapy techniques, detaching the tiny cross-links that form adhesions. As we palpate the body, we address adhesions affecting reproductive function. Examples include:

  • Adhesions on uterine walls and ligaments, which can cause uterine spasm or inflammation, preventing implantation or causing miscarriage;
  • Adhesions within the tissues of cervix, which can cause the cervix to close (stenosis), stiffen (fibrosis), or spasm, thus impeding the passage of sperm into the uterus;
  • Adhesions on the surface of the ovaries, which can prevent an egg from being released;
  • Adhesions in or near the fallopian tube, which can restrict or prevent sperm and egg from meeting, preventing conception.

Our therapists treat unexplained infertility naturally, without surgery or drugs. Request a free phone consultation with an expert therapist to learn more.