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Naturally Clear Hydrosalpinx Without Drugs or Surgery

Clear Passage is a world leader with over two decades of experience opening and returning full function to scarred and blocked fallopian tubes, including hydrosalpinx, with a non-surgical, manual physio/physical therapy. Studies published in peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals found that our therapy improved fertility and returned function to fallopian tubes previously diagnosed “beyond repair,” including roughly half of tubes with hydrosalpinx. You can read published data on our success rates on this page, or via PubMed or the U.S. National Library of Medicine. We encourage you to complete our online Request Consultation form to receive a free phone consultation with an expert therapist at no charge.

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Pregnancy Rates for Blocked Fallopian Tubes


Treatment (Wurn Technique / Clear Passage Approach)

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By Dr. Richard King, Medical Doctor, Senior Research Advisor, Clear Passage Physical Therapy - Gainesville, Florida Area




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