Locations in the U.S. and U.K.

U.S. & CANADA: 1-866-222-9437

UNITED KINGDOM: 0808-1453738

OTHER: 001-352-3361433

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Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on working with some of the finest, most experienced manual therapists in each of our location cities. As of 2013, our therapists average over 26 years’ experience in manual therapy. Each therapist must personally treat one of our founders, Larry or Belinda Wurn, before s/he is invited to undergo our training and certification. Training begins with a month-long study of a 600+ page Therapist Training Manual, written by the Wurns and their staff. Before certification, each applicant must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Manual, including theory, education and performance of more than 200 individual techniques. We base Clear Passage’s certification of each therapist on:

    • Years of experience
    • Demonstration of strong manual and palpatory skills
    • Knowledge of the subject, conditions and areas we treat

We test and examine each of these areas after several weeks of study and one-on-one instruction with the Wurns and their certified instructors.

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Our Therapists

Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Kristen Robles, DPT

Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Michelle J. Sturman, PT

Metro San Diego

Sharon K. Hepburn, PT

St. Louis, Missouri

Metro Washington DC 

Metro New York, New York

Canterbury, England

Eva Hadjidemetri

Eva Hadjidemetri, Chartered Physiotherapist

London, England

Judith Landhausser

Judith Landhausser, Chartered Physiotherapist

London, England

Metro San Diego, California

bio pic Leigh

Leigh Hollowell, MS, PT

San Francisco, California

Anita Lendach physical therapist

Anita Lendach, MS, PT

Los Angeles, California