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Claire Valla, LMT

Claire Valla, LMT

Claire Valla, LMT

Claire received her massage therapy degree in 1993 in Portland, Oregon with a focus on treating women’s health, injury recovery and rehabilitation. Since then she has received training in a wide variety of manual/osteopathic techniques including pelvic floor work, cranial and visceral manipulation. There has rarely been a time in the last twenty years when Claire has not been taking classes to enhance and/or refresh her skills.

An important component of Claire’s approach to therapy involves nurturing the partnership inherent in the patient/ therapist relationship. Her passion is to educate and empower her patients to know, respect and appreciate their own bodies, as well as to recover from musculo-skeletal dysfunction or trauma in order to live the life they want.

Although Claire began formally studying movement and dance in college, her interest in movement began at a very young age. As a child, she was always on the go — jumping, climbing, skipping and was thus enrolled in many dance and gymnastic classes. It was this early exposure that created an intense curiosity for her about how the body works, what makes it hurt and what makes it feel better.

At Oberlin College, she was a member of several dance companies. While she loved the sheer, delightful joy of moving, she eventually developed injuries, strains and overuse problems. One persistent injury led her to a brilliant neuro-muscular therapist who treated her over time and helped educate her about how to heal, recover and maintain her body’s strength and flexibility. This was the catalyst that pushed Claire to pursue further post-graduate education that aligned with her Dance minor.

Claire spends most of her off hours with her children and tiny dynamo of a dog, enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.