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Evette D’Avy Reed, PT

Evette ReedEvette D’Avy Reed, PT

Evette graduated magna cum laude from Louisiana State University Medical Center in 1995. She has a focus on chronic pain management. She practiced in Louisiana, carrying both a physical therapy and massage therapy license. She continues to carry a physical therapy license in both Louisiana and Florida.

She studied at Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport and graduated magna cum laude.


Evette has been a member of the APTA since 1993 and served on the Louisiana Board of Physical Therapy Finance Committee for three years. She has also served as an educator to physical therapists throughout the Gainesville area.

Personal Information

Evette finds fulfillment in her work as a physical therapist.  She has personally struggled with fertility issues and pelvic pain, and finds great reward in helping patients overcome these same conditions in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. She enjoys treating patients one-on-one and is committed to assisting them in reaching their goals.

After being a therapist for 17 years, I never imagined that I would be helping infertile women conceive, saving people with bowel obstructions from undergoing unnecessary surgeries, and taking patients from states of severe or constant pain to places that are virtually or totally pain-free – in a week! It’s a gift to work with patients in this healing setting and to work with the most skilled therapists in this field.