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Michele Forsberg, PT

Michele ForsbergMichele Forsberg, PT
Director of Metro Denver Location

Michele began her career as a dance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She went on to perform professionally in New York City and parlayed her knowledge and appreciation of the body and movement into a career in fitness. Always striving to learn more, she enrolled and graduated magna cum laude from Long Island University with a BS/MS in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy in 1999. She spent the early half of her career in New York City running her exclusive personal training and physical therapy practice.


“I have a unique chance as a physical therapist to make a difference in my patients’ lives and see the positive change take effect right before my eyes. Whether it is through relieving someone’s pain, increasing their function or just seeing the discovery of an ‘aha moment’ through their learning how the body works, I get to be a part of it. I am grateful to have found a profession where it does not feel like work.”

She moved to Colorado in 2007 and has since delivered quality care in patients’ homes and outpatient clinics in Longmont and Boulder, as well as working with national touring companies like “Hair” and “Traces” at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. She has worked with a diverse clientele, including adults and children, elite athletes and dancers, and those with multiple complex diagnoses such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, balance and coordination loss, brain injuries, MS, and Parkinson’s disease. She enjoys learning and growing in her field and has taken extensive course work in a variety of manual therapy techniques, but finds her patients to be her best teachers. Michele’s manual skills integrate her artistic and intuitive side with her science background for a balanced approach to treatment. “My patients are individuals who have unique needs and lifestyles. To me, seeing the whole picture and listening closely is paramount to providing the best care.” I feel blessed to have found a profession where I can help influence positive changes in peoples’ lives and am proud to be a part of the Clear Passage Team. vido-bio-button