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Sandi Smith, PT

Evette ReedSandi Smith, PT

Prior to joining the Clear Passage team, she was a practicing clinician, director and business owner in Atlanta from 1993 to 2017. She graduated Cum Laude from the Medical College of Georgia where she served as president of the Ethics Committee. Her first job was in a hospital/out-patient setting, which provided her with a broad general base of knowledge regarding diseases and disease processes. She was quickly drawn to the out-patient aspect of the hospital and started her journey towards manual therapy.

She became the director of a large corporate owned facility in Dunwoody and managed a staff of 10 from 1995-2006. In 2006, she and another associate opened an out-patient clinic in Cumming which she managed and co-operated. In 2007 a third associate was added to the practice and they remained partners until the end of 2015. She worked for one year for a non-profit organization in Norcross serving primarily Russian speaking immigrants prior to joining Clear Passage.

The majority of her post graduate studies have been focused on manual therapy with the University of St. Augustine, the Institute of Physical Art, Integrative Dry Needling, Pilates, Ergonomics, Back Education Training, fabrication and fitting of custom orthotics and recently with the Barral Institute. She has been certified as a 200 hour yoga certification and practices on a regular basis.

She was on the board of directors with the Rotary Club of South Forsyth, holding numerous positions over a period of 9 yrs. She has done extensive volunteer work in Haiti through St. Brendan’s Catholic Church and a nonprofit organization that she founded, called Never Enough Shoes. She hopes to continue with this endeavor in association with Our Queen of Peace in Gainesville. She is a member of Our Queen of Peace and The Woman’s Auxiliary.