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Vivian Simmons, MPT

vivian summons, mpt

Vivian Simmons, MPT

Vivian Simmons is a highly accomplished physical therapist at our Gainesville, Florida location. Over the years she has developed experience in a total body approach that includes extensive history of manual physical therapy, as well as creating detailed plans of care and follow-up for patients. With her experience treating patients using soft tissue mobilizations, she is a perfect fit for what we do here at Clear Passage.

One of her favorite aspects of treatment is being able to take a deep look at the details of a patient’s history, then learning their specific goals and then creating an environment to work together as a therapist-patient team to help restore their missing quality of life. Having worked in the home health field, she enjoys the one-on-one patient relationship that Clear Passage believes is a major component to the success of our treatment program.