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What causes infertility?Numerous studies provide explanations for the recent surge in infertility. The majority of studies place the blame on women who wait until they are over age 35 to have a baby. These studies suggest that women are getting married later and waiting to have a baby until their careers are established.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, who holds a PhD in economics, conducted a study for TIME magazine about advanced age and infertility. She told TIME, “Many women are embracing a ‘male model’ of single-mindedness career focus and the result is an epidemic ‘epidemic of childlessness.'”

Although many studies and women acknowledge this, why is the blame placed solely on the female? In healthy relationships, decisions are made together and that means women aren’t the only ones to blame for the decision to postpone parenthood.

Even if the decision to wait is solely the female’s, this choice is heavily influenced by societal pressures. Today, women have the opportunity to do whatever they want. But with that opportunity comes a lot of expectations. Women are expected to be perfect mothers and have stellar careers. With this pressure behind them, women often feel they cannot juggle both.

Playing the blame game will not solve infertility, but reevaluating how we view and speak about women with advanced age infertility can bring a healthy perspective. Women who are struggling with advanced age infertility have enough on their plates. They do not deserve the extra stress and guilt that society places on them for waiting to have children.

Want to read more about males and advanced age infertility? Visit http://archives.cnn.com/2002/HEALTH/04/30/fertility/ to read an article that discusses how the male’s age affects women who are over 35 and trying to become pregnant.